Sticky Fingers and OASTies
October Holiday ideas at home.

With the changing situations we are all facing in our home and work life here at Sticky Fingers we thought we would put together a few simple ideas to keep your child’s keystage goals on track while we are all on our October half term.

Keeping your little ones safe from accidents in the home during COVID-19

A very useful pdf of tips for home safety during this difficult time from East Sussex County Council

CBeebies |  Grown ups | Things to do indoors with your children

It can be tricky to find things to do that can hold the attention of the older ones, while being easy enough for younger ones to join in too, but check out our fun tips below to keep them all entertained. Please click here or on the picture to go to the website

Bedtime Storytime

Nothing better at the end of the day…


  • Quiet time – reading stories together
  • Not so quiet time – making music with pots and pans!
  • Hoovering
  • Creative – Painting, shaving foam, make playdoh (if you need recipe let us know)
  • Lots of bubbles and fun at bath time
  • Potty training

Hopefully this will give you some ideas for keeping busy and active whilst promoting development during the October half-term break. If you have any ideas for other activities then please share them with us on and we will add them to this page.

Please all take care and stay safe xx